Product superiority is but a temporary advantage. What lasts is showing an ability to consistently produce products in-tune with customers’ evolving expectations. 

We help clients understand not just what products they can produce now, but how they need to evolve their product strategy to keep up with their customers.

Case study:

In a category that sees new launches almost every month, how can you ensure your pipeline is prioritising the tech-specs that people will be looking for six to twelve month ahead?

InklingCC worked with Microsoft to map how their customers assess and evaluate products, allowing them to focus energy on developing the features that can cut through.

Product work

The work we do is hard to share publicly. To hear more about who we’ve worked with and how we helped, get in touch.

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What our clients
are saying

How do you get a global organisation - and all their agencies - to research, agree and sign off a comms strategy in under a month?

"With the speed and requirements of the project, I felt in very safe hands. Anything which can drive people towards the kind of quick strategic actions they did is a great piece of work".
Lara Biddiscombe, Senior Manager, Marketing Insights, Microsoft

How do you create a meaningful retail partnerships, with only a tenth of the budget of your competitor and a fraction of the distribution muscle?

“They just seemed to get the challenges we face and how to combat it extremely quickly, without us spelling it out. And they’re fun to work with!”
Ian Peart, Business Development Director, Pernod Ricard

How do you turn a niche passion brand into a global player, without alienating the core?

"They felt like part of the MOO family the minute they walked through the door. It was really important that we found a partner that understood our brand and business quickly. We were impressed with their ability to ask just the right questions, including the ‘hard’ questions. Refreshing to work with, honest, realistic, hard-working and down right smart. I couldn’t recommend them enough."
Teresa Pereira, Head of Brand, MOO