What content should you be providing and when?  Which messages will drive purchase?  Which will get lost in the information overload?

There's been a fundamental shift in how we research & buy products.  We now check at least 6 sources before purchasing. We can buy through any channel at any time. Those big planning and comms questions are getting harder to answer. 

There is no neat and tidy path-to-purchase anymore.

To keep up, brands need to do more than get on people's radar at the start. They need to resurface often, with the right content at the right time. 

A new purchase landscape requires new tools.

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Far from a dry list of media and site stats OpenSource fuses consumer data with video narrative, giving you a first-hand customer view of the content, experiences and messages that influence purchase.  There are four core outputs, each designed to help you answer the big questions and communicate the implications to you team. 

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1.the Data pack

What are the questions people are seeking answers to? What are the sources that drive purchase in your category? When do they influence? What do people want to hear from them? OpenSource uses quant to find out what's happening.

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2.the film

How to find the narrative around the numbers? OpenSource uses film to tell the story of the purchase. Designed to help you share and embed ideas across your organisation and agencies.


3.Influencer interviews

Whether it's mum, vloggers, or social media friendship groups, hear direct from the sources that matter about what they are most likely to spotlight and share.


4.the playbook

Insights are filtered into a planning pack to feed straight into your comms strategy. Ensure the content you create is in sync with the way your customers make choices.

Inkling have teamed up with user generated content specialist Peek to create OpenSource, a product that gets under the skin of how this new reality should inform comms strategy.

Get in touch to hear how OpenSource could work for your brand and see our case studies.