The MethodBox is a kit of tools and techniques, created and curated by InklingCC, that help us work fast without compromising quality. Some open up our perspective, others filter it down. Some are for groups, others for individual pursuit. All of them bring focus and help us maintain momentum.

A few examples

methodbox questions.003.png

perspective mapper

To most people most categories are an indiscreet blur of similar brands and products. This tool helps shift your perspective to see your category through the customer's eyes and spot where is there an opportunity to create a genuine source of difference.

methodbox questions.002.png

solid vs fluid

A tool that helps you identify which are the new trends, new technologies, new behaviours that will make a difference to your business.

methodbox questions.001.png

Genghis vs Gandhi

A tool that uses archetypes/characters to identify different ways of attracting new customers. It's a good way to map out a strategy for a growth in terms the whole company can get behind.

methodbox questions.004.png

the feature filter

A tool that allows you to examine and organise the category through the eyes of the consumer, identifying the product details that can give you a competitive edge.

methodbox questions.005.005.png

brief in brief

A briefing pack that helps you find the right briefing format for the task in front of you. It includes the option of a short sharp working session to turn your inputs into a brief that will get your teams moving.