The Inkling Method Box allows us to work fast without ditching the quality, it's our antidote to quick-and-dirty.  

A toolkit of techniques, it helps get to the nub of the issue, fast. 

  • Some tools force you to shift perspective
  • Some troubleshoot to identify the weak points
  • Some helps teams work better together 
  • Some give a framework for action...
  • ...others offer a framework for understanding 

All are easy-to-follow and practical ways to move thinking on and maintain momentum. 

If you have a particular problem or question that is starting to spin its wheels, give us a call - we'd be happy to suggest a technique you and your team could try that might help get things moving quickly.

A couple of examples

Below are a just a couple of snippets from some of the tools we find ourselves working with most frequently.  For more on what they can help with and how to put them into practice, click the image.

THE FEATURE FILTER: identify the product details that can give you a competitive edge

GENGHIS VS. GANHI: map out your strategy for growth in terms the whole company can get behind