That 'Sex Sells' is probably one of the most hackneyed maxims going.  But also one of the truest.  In a world of increasingly fragmented interests, desire remains a more or less universal motivation, and powerful brand asset. 

Yet when it comes to selling to women, sex is something most brands seem to approach with a sledgehammer or not at all. 



For this wide ranging Qual & Quant study we heard from women aged from 17 to 70 - more than 2000 of them.

The report includes:

  • Quant and qualitative data from a national sample
  • Evidence to debunk the classic myths around female desire
  • Semiotic analysis of ads targeted at women
  • A tool kit for inspiring better, fresher female directed comms

Bringing together cultural commentators, brand builders & perspectives from real women this report is for anyone seeking to influence & engage a female audience.


Inkling's launch event brought together a fascinating range of commentators, each with a different perspective on female sexuality. Check out the evening's highlights video.

The award for most provocative comment definitely went to Dr. Alex Gordon, of semiotics consultancy Sign Salad, whose take on the Milk Tray man left the audience a little shell shocked.  

Thanks too to comedian Ellie Taylor, for reminding us that the best way to approach a tricky topic is with an open mind and a sense of humour