Another outing from Inkling’s MethodBox, this time it's about growth.   We all want it, but it's not always easy to know where to find it.

Here’s a technique that helps identify strategies to grow your share of market.  It features three personas, each one representing a different way of attracting new customers.

Like Genghis, do you plan to march through competitor territory, laying waste to their market share with your killer point of difference? Think Virgin.

Perhaps, like Columbus, you have a vision of a new world and will explore any route that may take you there, even if it's uncharted territory. A favoured path for tech and engineering (Google, Honda, Dyson), but Red Bull and even Itsu fit this mould.

Or maybe you're more of a Gandhi - drawing customers to your values through your commitment to putting them into practice. Nike and John Lewis are classics.


Personas make the abstract world of strategy more tangible:
* they allow everyone - from HR to retail to customer teams - to connect with the strategy
* draws a clear link between smaller tactical actions and the bigger business goal


*  you're looking at how to jump to next level, or...
*  ...when growth targets are missed, use this to diagnose why
*  a useful senior management tool to line everyone up behind the same strategy


Each persona comes with a series of questions about fit with company culture, market context and brand/product differentiators.

A combination of interviews and group sessions are used to map current activity against the different personas and define the company's strategic approach.  

The end result is a cohesive plan for growth with actions for brand, marketing and product. 

A big thank you to Ed Warren at Creature who co-created this with Inkling.